Anonymous said: what camera do you use?

I use a Canon 7D primarily with the 40mm f/2.8.

I think it’s a pretty good setup on a budget (7D’s are dirt cheap on Craigslist now), but if you have sufficient money and intend on shooting street or portrait photography, I’d recommend either the Canon 6D or the Nikon D610 with a 50mm f/1.4. And if you still have money to spare, get the 5Dmk3, but I’m pretty sure you don’t. 

  -  2 May

Anonymous said: your photos are so great, i have no words

Wow thanks! I haven’t been uploading all too much to this blog (thinking of starting over with a completely new photoblog because my photography has developed a lot throughout the years and idk just kinda wanted to start over), but you can always check my Flickr to see updates on what I’ve been shooting! 

Thanks once again! It means a lot.

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